Retirement is a new and exciting experience. No more 9 to 5 days at work. There is more time to relax and do the things you love. More free time can be amazing but sometimes it can be hard to find activities to fill the time. Getting outdoors and breathing in the fresh air can be great for mental and physical health. Going outside can improve moods and make people feel happy. Try to do something outside as often as you can, once a day would be great. Walking can be a great way to get out and it is a light exercise which will help you stay healthy. Look for clubs or organisations to join. There are a variety of clubs that cater to the senior population. This is a great way to make connections and friends. Staying connected to other people is super important and can help ward of depression. Find new hobbies. Learn how to cook, draw, play chess, take professional pictures, or tons of other things. This is productive and fun. Visit you kids, grandchildren, siblings, or extended family. It is easier to make time to see your family now that there is not a job demanding most of your time. You can focus on bettering your relationships and making new ones too. Travel and cross things off your bucket list. Be adventurous, but not dangerous. Now is the time to explore more of the world. There are so many different places and experiences to have. It can be as simple as staying in your own town and exploring the popular sites it has. Retirement is a great time of life and we, 3 16 Service Providers, want you to enjoy your new free time. Go and do things you have always wished you could.