When you are 20 retirement can seem like it is far away, but the time will go by faster than you think. If you do not invest in your own future at a young age you will find that when you retire you will not have as much money as you think. Starting to save at a young age can have benefits for you later in life. Starting later in life is a lot harder, and you probably will not have nearly as much money as you could have. The older you are the more expense you could potentially have including a house payment and children. Younger people have less financial responsibilities and can start putting away money. Putting away your own money gives you a secure source of retirement. You will not be dependent on Social Security, Medicaid, and family members. These are not stable and could change in the future. If you start younger, you will not need to put tons of money in an account each month. When looking to put money in a retirement account make sure to put it into an account that has compound interest. Any money you put into an account with compound interest will grow exponentially, giving you a lot more money once you retire. Hiring a financial advisor can also help you make smart financial decisions. They can tell you how to invest and save money to have a sizable retirement. You can learn more about Cash Balance Pension Plan, 401ks, and other retirement plans. Having more knowledge and help when planning for retirement can help you have the retirement you want. Be smart and start saving while you’re young. It will be easier and you can accumulate more money for retirement. Let us help you have the retirement you want.