Retirement can be such an enjoyable time but one of the biggest factors is your health. If you have a healthy lifestyle, retirement can be whatever you want it to be. If you are not so healthy, retirement can be hard with many trips to the doctor and even the hospital. The best way to avoid that is to stay healthy. Do not let your health get in the way of a fun and enjoyable retirement. The best way to keep yourself healthy is to move. You need to exercise. I know this can sound like a daunting task but it is easier than it sounds. Daily exercise is so important to our bodies. You could go for an evening stroll. Even walking is a great way to get some exercise in. Play some games out in the yard. Go for a hike. Going hiking can be way fun and it is a good way to exercise. Do brain exercises also. Your brain needs to work as well. Things such as a puzzle, brain teasers, and word searches can do the trick. Finding new hobbies can be a great way to get that brain working. Believe it or not but even watching tv can get that brain working. Not just any tv shows but choose ones that make your brain think. For example: a science show, crime drama, and even some game shows. Make sure you stay social. Being connected with others is a great way to keep your health. Most people’s social life is with their jobs so it is important that after retirement you keep those connections or gain new ones. A great way to stay social is to have a game night. Invite people over and play games. If you have any questions or want to use our Defined Benefit Retirement Plan give us a call!