A ‘TPA‘ in the retirement plan world is better understood as a third party administrator for a qualified retirement plan. Most TPA’s work with 401k plan, 403b plan, defined benefit, cash balance, as well as, other types of qualified retirement plans. A TPA is generally one-third of the retirement plan team that helps accomplish the plan sponsor’s overall objectives and goals for the qualified plan itself. third-party-administrator

What Does a TPA Do?

Third Party Administrator should not be confused with Plan Administrator. The Plan Sponsor is always the Plan Administrator unless someone else is selected.

Some of the duties of a TPA

  • Design the retirement plan so that it is goal oriented, but compliant with the legal requirements set forth by the DOL and IRS.
  • Re-state and Amend the legal Plan Document
  • Annual compliance testing, such as, discrimination testing
  • Calculating vesting percentages
  • Completing and filing the annual Form 5500
  • Be a proactive consultant partner to the Plan Sponsor
  • Partner well with the other members of the team!

Hiring A Retirement Planning Company

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