Workshops and Webinars Services
Congratulations! On top of everything else you’re required to do in your primary role, you’ve been assigned the day-to-day responsibility of managing your company’s 401(k) plan.” Sound familiar? Plan sponsors can certainly hire a team of trusted advisors like Certified Public Accounts, Financial Advisors, recordkeepers and Third Party Administrators like our firm to assist with many functions necessary to run a retirement plan; however, there are still a handful of important responsibilities that cannot be delegated by the plan sponsor. Where can plan sponsors turn to answer the questions they need to be answered?

Enter Plan Sponsor Workshops hosted by The Ryding Company.

401k Plan Sponsor Workshops

Since early 2017, we have invited our plan sponsors to join us in our Westlake Village office where we provide an in-depth, six-hour workshop that focuses on the complexities of administering 401(k) and 403(b) plans. These FREQUENT and FREE workshops are tailored specifically to the plan sponsors in attendance making it the perfect opportunity to ask questions about their plan and receive specific answers on the spot. Better still, plan sponsors are also given time to meet with their plan’s consultant in-person which has proven to be one of the most impactful takeaways from the workshops themselves.

It’s fun (yes… compliance can be fun!), informative, and highly interactive. Whether the employer has a staff of five or 5,000, the workshop participants find common ground with each other and walk away with a better understanding of the fiduciary requirements and compliance rules surrounding their plan.

Based on the positive feedback we’ve received from plan sponsors, we are excited to develop additional opportunities for clients located throughout the United States to participate such as webinars and other adaptations of these in-person workshops.

When do the workshops occur and how can I sign up?

  • Client workshops are reserved for plan sponsors who are current clients only.
  • Invitations to these workshops are sent via email with slots awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to those clients who have not yet had an opportunity to attend.

What all is included when I hear my spot has been reserved?

  • Breakfast, snacks, and a boxed lunch are all provided
  • Free parking at our Westlake Village office


  • “I absolutely loved this workshop! Thank you so very much for clarifying all the details to keep us compliant. I also appreciate getting the answers that are specific to my plan and getting to meet my designated rep. Thank you!”
  • “Very knowledgeable presentation of material especially for individuals brand new to these roles and for individuals wearing multiple hats in their organizations and don’t prioritize this. We do need babysitting!”
  • “Everything was great. I loved the fact our Plan Description and SPD was provided and how intimate the workshop was.”
  • “Loved having a one-on-one with our personal rep to review real-time challenges and ask new questions.”
  • “Great presentation by Julie. Good sense of humor helped make the info more interesting and fun! Valuable information to take back with me to the company”