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The Ryding Company Westlake Office

2659 Townsgate Rd, Westlake Village, CA 91361

(866) 764-9222


The Ryding Company Hawaii Office

Phillip S. Packard

Regional Vice President of Sales – Hawaii

(808) 585-1510


The Ryding Company Utah Office

Ryan J. Pedroza

President/CEO – Utah

(805) 267-2934


Senior Management
Ryan J. Pedroza, ERPA, QPA, APA President/CEO(805) 267-2934 rpedroza@trco.com
Holly Nickels Chief Financial Officer(805) 267-2911 hnickels@trco.com
Sales & Marketing
Daniel Fowler SVP of Sales & Marketing (805) 807-4253 dfowler@trco.com
Julie Tucker Vice President for Client Relations (805) 267-2566 jtucker@trco.com
Danielle Sesock, ERPA New Business Director (805) 267-2935 dsesock@trco.com
Phillip S. Packard, CBC Regional Vice President of Sales – Hawaii (808) 585-1510 ppackard@trco.com
Cash Balance/Defined Benefit Plan Administration
Karen MacLeod, ERPA, QPA Manager of Administration (805) 267-2938 kmacleod@trco.com
Lori Sabbe, CPC, APA Senior Pension Consultant(805) 267-2568 lsabbe@trco.com
Gabrielle Luna Pension Consultant (805) 267-2933 gluna@trco.com
Coleton Hutchins Pension Consultant (805) 267-2925 chutchins@trco.com
Plan Documents
Danielle Lorrigan Plan Documents Specialist (805) 267-2919 dlorrigan@trco.com
Accounting & Office Support
Mindy Mueller, QKA Accounts Receivable Specialist(805) 267-2912 mmueller@trco.com
Kaley Sahagun Receptionist (805) 267-2937 ksahagun@trco.com
Helen Doebler Consultant (805) 267-2913 hdoebler@trco.com
Beverly McLeod Consultant (805) 267-2913 bmcleod@trco.com
401(k) & 403(b) Plan Administration
Janine Kolebuck ERPA, QKA, APA Manager of Pension Administration(805) 267-2936 jkolebuck@trco.com
Elitres Freelon ERPA, QKA, QPA Senior Pension Consultant (805) 267-2922 efreelon@trco.com
Meghan Gilmartin Senior Pension Consultant(805) 267-2932 mgilmartin@trco.com
Stephanie Smith ERPA, QPA, QKA Senior Pension Consultant (805) 267-2565 ssmith@trco.com
Roxanne Ritter, ERPA, QPA, APA Senior Pension Consultant (805) 267-2916 rritter@trco.com
Teresa Harper Senior Pension Consultant (805) 267-2930 tharper@trco.com
David Engle Pension Consultant (805) 267-2910 dengle@trco.com
Lupe Castillo Pension Consultant(805) 267-2926 gcastillo@trco.com
Michael Wilson Pension Consultant(805) 267-2561 mwilson@trco.com
Collin Johnson Administrator(805) 267-2915 cjohnson@trco.com
Andrew Murillo Administrator(805) 267-2572 amurillo@trco.com
Brianne Galik Administrator(805) 267-2939 Bgalik@trco.com
Sean Sesock Administrator(805) 267-2929 ssesock@trco.com
Autumn Harris Administrator(805) 267-2940 aharris@trco.com
Shannon Brake, ERPA, QPA, QKA Senior Pension Consultant (805) 267-2914 sbrake@trco.com