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The Ryding Company (TRCO) is a retirement company established in 1975. For over 40 years, we at TRCO have provided administration services and recordkeeping for retirement plan sponsors and services for third-party administrations and investment advisors. With our services, many employers have been able to offer retirement planning programs that suit the needs of both the company and their employees.


The investment choices we offer to our customers are unparalleled, that is why we have provided more than 2,500 business owners with compliance administration and expert advice. We have over 1,000 retirement plans that we are presently offering to our customers. The Ryding Company’s Retirement design interface in such a way that employers and their investment advisors can control the operation of their plan and can help employees properly manage their plan investments.

We offer services that let employees gain wealth as they prepare for their retirement and it is possible because our services are at a lower cost than many retirement companies around. Over the years, we have evolved as a retirement planning company and have made a lot of changes. However, we have always made decisions and changes based on our philosophy; we care for our clients, our employees, and our community which is shown through our commitment as a retirement planning company.

Hiring A Retirement Planning Company In Westlake Village, CA

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Our Best Retirement Planning Services in Westlake Village, CA

Retirement Planning In Westlake Village, CA

The Ryding Company(TRCO) an innovative Retirement Planning Company, has a myriad of retirement planning services that will meet your needs and standard. We will love to work with you, no matter what retirement plan you opt for, and our Marketing and Sales Team of experts are always on ground to work with both you and your Financial Advisor in Westlake Village, CA.

401(K) Retirement Plan

401(K) retirement plan is one of the most popular of the company-sponsored retirement plans available today. This plan encourages employees to prepare for their retirement as they can put some money aside regularly in a tax-deferred plan. 401(K) allows employees to defer their income for their retirement. This plan helps to attract and retain employees.

Cash Balance Plan

The cash-balance plan resembles a defined contributions plan, but it is, however, a type of a defined benefit plan. Just like the traditionally-defined benefit plan, the cash balance plan does not require the individual to invest his own money in the program or even to make investment decisions.

The difference between the two, however, is that while the defined benefit plan uses a formula based on their average salary during their last years of employment and how long they have worked, to determine how much is credited, the cash balance plan pays a certain percentage of their salary (usually 5%).

Defined Benefit Plan

With a Defined Benefit plan, the employer alone bears the investment risks, and the benefit has been pre-defined. This plan offers employees a specific monthly retirement benefit after they retire. The benefit may be determined using a formula which factors such as years of service and salary history or it can be in the form of an exact dollar amount promised by the employer.

403(B) Retirement Plan

It shares many characteristics with the 401(K) retirement plan, but unlike the 401(K) plan, it can’t subject to some administrative procedures and nondiscrimination testing. It is also best suited for non-profit entities for their employees, unlike the 401(K) retirement plan which is usually employed by profit-oriented companies for their employees.

457(B) Retirement Plan

This non-qualified deferred compensation plan is similar to the 403(B) retirement plan. It is, however, more common among certain types of non-profit entities (such as charities, unions, hospitals, agricultural groups, or labor) as well as local and state public employers. If you are already on the 403(B) plan, your employees can still contribute for the 447(B) plan.

Plan Termination

In case a company decides to terminate their employee retirement plans, we offer help with the completing the administration of your ideas. We also make sure that such terminations are done in compliance with the IRS and ERISA requirements as soon as possible. The government expects that retirement plans set up by companies aren’t a temporary thing but with the intent for it to be permanent. You need to make sure you do not go against the IRS requirements when terminating a retirement plan.

Annual Plan Reviews

It is essential that an employer who is administering a retirement plan does Annual plan reviews. It is our responsibility to review the various aspects of retirement plans every year, to determine whether the regulations and guidelines have managed the project and if the plan’s funds meet the performance criteria of the company’s IPS.

Profit Sharing Plan

Profit sharing plan is a defined contribution plan whereby, employers can use their discretion to determine how much the company pays into a program and when it will settle into the plan. Profit sharing plans can encourage financial security after retirement. If a business is looking for a retirement plan that provides benefits for both employers and employees, then the profit sharing plan is a great option.

Consultation and Personalized Services

You will be assigned a Senior Administration Consultant who will be directly responsible for your retirement plan. The Consultant will also be supported with one or more Administrators who work alongside our entire staff to attend to your retirement plan.

Retirement Planning Resources: The Ryding Company Offers Retirement Plan Resources for You

At the Ryding Company, we offer numerous retirement plan resources such as Financial Advisor, Third Party Administrator, Forfeitures, Plan limits, Retirement Calculators, After-Tax Contributions, and lots more that go a long way to nurture your thoughts on the numerous retirement options that we have.

Some of our retirement planning resources are:

Plan Limits:

The limitation on the annual benefit under a defined benefit plan has now increased to 220,000 USD. The restrictions for defined contribution plans has grown to 55,000 USD. The annual compensation limit has risen to 275,000 USD. The catch-up contribution limit for employees who are aged 50 and above and who participate in the Thrifts Savings Plan, most 457 plans, 403(B) and 401(K) plans, remain at 6,000 USD.

After-Tax Contributions:

After-tax contributions are contributions that you can make on a non-tax deferral or tax deferral basis, depending on the type of account where donations are being made to by the entity.

TPA: Third Party Administrator

In the retirement plan world, third-party administrators are known as administrators for a qualified retirement plan. Majority of the third-party administrators work with defined benefit, 401(K) plan, cash balance, 403(B), as well as other kinds of qualified retirement plans. The third-party administrator is entrusted with the work of helping the plan sponsor to accomplish his goals and overall objectives for the particular qualified plan.


The record keeper is often the custodian of the plan’s assets. The record keeper not only offers the investment options on the platform so that participants can contribute or invest in the stock market, but is responsible for providing the overall experience of the particular retirement plan.

Financial Advisor

The financial advisor advice or assists the plan’s sponsors and plan’s fiduciaries in creating retirement plan investments and acquires the necessary products and services needed for the operation of the retirement plan.

Best Financial Advisor For Your Retirement Planning Westlake Village, CA

The Ryding Company (TRCO) offers best financial advisor for your retirement plan. Here are some of the reasons we are the best in Weslake Village, CA and other Surrounding Areas of Southern California.

Westlake Village Financial Advisor

  • Specialization
  • Financial Planning Experience
  • Customizability
  • Attention to Details
  • Responsiveness
  • Customer Satisfaction

Hire our Professional Financial Planners & Financial Advisors For Retirement Planning In Westlake Village, CA.

We have a team of professional financial planners here at The Ryding Company (TRCO) who for over 20 years have made themselves available to work closely with our clients and their Financial Advisor to create a retirement plan that is in line with their purpose and goals. Why not give us a call now and reach a retirement plan and cash balance plan for employees?

You want the best retirement plans in Westlake Village, CA, use only the best. Contact us today at for more information; we look forward to helping you create a financially secure future with efficient retirement planning.

Retirement Planning Goals:

Many business owners have different reasons for setting up a retirement plan. For some, it could be that they want to save for their retirement. Others set up retirement plans to provide competitive benefits in addition to the high pay of their employees. Many others want to take advantage of the tax breaks and save money they won’t have been able to, without a retirement plan.

If there were a plan that could cover all your goals for a retirement plan, there wouldn’t be a need for so many choices. It is essential to know about what is your goals for a retirement plan are because each retirement plan has both advantages and disadvantages. If you do not have a purpose or intent, it will be difficult to choose the appropriate retirement plan. However, if you know what your goals are for a retirement plan, you will be able to weigh all available options to make the best choice.

You will need some professional guidance and help if you do decide to choose a retirement plan. Because of the complex nature of pension rules and the complex nature of the tax aspects of retirement plans. Before selecting a retirement plan, meet with your accountant to decide on the best retirement plan for you.

The Ryding Company As Your Best 401(k) Retirement Planner In Westlake Village

If you want a secure retirement plan, 401(K) plans are an excellent tool for achieving that. To start with all your earnings and contributions will be tax-deferred and you will only pay taxes for your earnings and contributions when you do decide to withdraw. Additionally, employers can provide matching grants for your 401(K) account. All these benefits combined make the 401(K) retirement plan one you shouldn’t pass up. We offer the best 401(K) retirement plan services in Westlake Village. Why not visit us and let our team of professional retirement planners who have been working for over two decades attend to you?

Retirement Plan Consultant/Administrators In Westlake Village, CA

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