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At The Ryding Company, we get it. Retirement plans are complex and ensuring your company remains compliant amidst ever-changing guidelines is challenging. That’s why we’re here. No matter the type of retirement plan, our experts work with administrators at any level to help navigate compliance with ease. We offer premier services when dealing with the following facets of retirement planning throughout Woodland Hills and surrounding areas:

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Hiring A Retirement Planning Company In Woodland Hills, CA

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Solutions + Compliance For Any Retirement Plan

Solutions and Compliance For Any Retirement Plan In Woodland Hills, CA

With over 45 years of experience in compliance and administration for workplace retirement plans, you can depend on The Ryding Company to have the answers you need. Not only do we work with any retirement plan under the sun, we also provide compliance solutions for plan sponsors of any size. Here are some of the main retirement plans we specialize in:

SIMPLE: Savings Incentive Match Plan For Employees

These retirement plans allow employees to make contributions based on their salary, while their employers also allocate funds to the plans via contributions matched to employees or a fixed contribution. In a second option of this retirement plan, the employer can choose not to match employee contributions. SIMPLE IRAs are popular employer-sponsored retirement plans because administrative costs are low, and employees have the freedom to decide how their IRA account is managed–they even retain ownership over the plan if they change jobs! At The Ryding Company, we take care of the bulk of paperwork, saving costs and ensuring compliance.

SEP: Simplified Employee Pension Plan

This retirement plan option allows employers to set up accounts for both their employees and themselves. SEP IRAs are popular because they are easy to set-up, and employers are only required to make contributions at a fixed percentage for every eligible employee. Additionally, employers gain a bit of flexibility with these plans since they can decide the maximum amount they want to contribute each year.

401(k) Plans

These retirement plans are famous for allowing small businesses, as well as employees, to contribute a percentage of their income to retirement by investing pre-tax money. Sometimes, employers who administer 401(k) plans will decide to match the contributions made by their employees. Also, 401(k) plans tend to have higher contribution limits, which helps employees maximize their retirement savings and funds.

Profit-Sharing Plans

This retirement plan was created for employers that experience fluctuations in profits each fiscal year, letting them choose their own contributions. Profit-sharing plans allows clients to have access to plan loans, vesting schedules, service requirements, as well as a level of flexibility not offered by SEP plans.

Woodland Hills Resources For Any Retirement Plan

Go-To Resources For Any Retirement Plan

At The Ryding Company, our mission is to ensure that every retirement plan and fund is successful for both employers and employees. The retirement planning industry is filled with jargon, rules, and regulations that can give any plan administrator a headache. That’s where we come in. Given our experience, expertise, and resources, The Ryding Company handles paperwork and compliance so your retirement plan can function effortlessly. Here are just some of the resources you gain access to as our valued client:

Plan Terminations

If you decide to terminate a retirement plan at your Woodland Hills business, we will facilitate and complete the process, ensuring that you remain compliant with ERISA and IRS regulations.

Compliance Resolution

Mistakes and errors happen. In fact, The Ryding Company is here to help! If you have a retirement plan that is struggling with compliance, our experts will utilize relevant programs and corrections to get your retirement plan back on track.

IRS/DOL Audits

When it comes to sustaining internal controls for their retirement plans, employers usually require help. The Ryding Company will provide your Woodland Hills business much-needed assistance when it comes to regulations and processes associated with retirement plan compliance–including audits that examine past data.

Annual Plan Reviews

The Ryding Company will even work with your business’ financial planner to review your retirement plan each fiscal year. With our assistance, you will receive insights that help you avoid errors and correct any mistakes that compromise your compliance.

Workshops and Webinars

We value our clients so much that we seek to continually educate them. That’s why The Ryding Company provides regular seminars and webinars that are designed to teach clients about the complexities of retirement plan administration and compliance?

Why Trust The Ryding Company?

At this point, you’re probably wondering why you should trust us with the compliance and administration of your local Woodland Hills business’ retirement plan. Besides having long-time and returning clients that have remained with us since we opened our doors in 1975, here are some of the key reasons why our retirement plan services can benefit your company!


We focus all our attention on retirement planning to provide our clients with first-rate services and provide quality and value for plan administrators, saving your business time and money.

Financial Planning Experience + Expertise

As mentioned before, The Ryding Company has over 40 years of experience in the retirement planning industry. As a result, we have the best modus operandi that guarantees performance and efficiency due to our in-depth knowledge and resources.

Retirement Planning Tailored To You

Our retirement plan administration and compliance services are flexible and can be customized to meet the particular needs of your business and employees.

Attention to Detail

We take pride in our ability to pay attention to details throughout the compliance and administration process to ensure that all information is properly documented and accounted for.

Quick Response Rates

Our team of experts are always available on standby to attend to your inquiries and needs without wasting precious time in your hectic workday.

Client Satisfaction

Over the past 45 years, we have served hundreds of new and returning clients in and around Southern California, and they are 100% satisfied with their retirement plan administration. Join our inexhaustible list of satisfied clients today–with helpful compliance guidance from the very first consultation!

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