Welcome to the Ryding Company!

Whether your qualified retirement plan is brand new or has been in effect for many years, we are excited to work with you! Our Sales & Marketing Team will work closely with you and your Financial Advisor in the early phases of your relationship with The Ryding Company.

Client Transition

New Plans.

If you’re setting up a brand new qualified retirement plan, the transition is fairly simple. First, we’ll listen to your immediate and long-term goals and design the right plan for you using your most current employee census. The census is a list of your employees that includes dates of birth, dates of hire, and annual salaries. The census is the primary key to designing an effective plan.

Existing Plans.

If you already have a qualified retirement plan, we’ll request a copy of the plan documents and prior years’ testing and administration packages. Once we receive that· information, we’ll complete a comprehensive plan review with your current goals in mind. If there is a way to improve your plan design, we’ll work with you to discuss the options.

Team-oriented Support

The Ryding Company plays an active role during the implementation phase of your plan, and we work as a team with your Financial Advisor and chosen Recordkeeper. As your Team, we will be able to anticipate your questions and concerns. Working together, we’ll bring a broad-based solution to any issues that may arise during your implementation process.

Meet Your Consultant

After your plan design is finalized and your new plan Retirement Company Services in Southern Californiadocuments have been completed, your plan will be assigned to a Senior Administration Consultant. Your Consultant, supported by an Administrator, will be available to you on a day-to-day basis to answer your questions and ensure your plan remains in compliance with the law.