THE RYDING TEAM | Meet with Professionals

If you need retirement planning or cash balance plan for your employees, Our Professional Team members will work closely with you and your Financial Advisor in the early phases of your relationship with The Ryding Company.

Senior Management


Ryan J. Pedroza
President/Chief Executive Officer ERPA, QPA, APA

(801) 391-5785

1. I love spending time with my Family. 2. Love the Steelers. 3. Love coaching Football


Holly Nickels
Chief Financial Officer

(805) 267-2911


1. My husband and I took our son skydiving for his 18th birthday. 2. Married for over 25 years to my high school sweetheart!

Sales & Marketing


Danielle Sesock
Senior Vice President of Sales, ERPA

(805) 267-2935


I once worked security detail with the secret service for Bill Clinton when he was President.

Client Relations

Julie Tucker

Vice President for Client Relations

(805) 267-2566

Defined Contribution and Defined Benefits Plan Administration Teams

Karen MacLeod

Director of Learning and Development, ERPA, QPA

(805) 267-2938

Shannon Brake

Senior Pension Consultant, ERPA, QPA, QKA

(805) 267-2914

Elitres Freelon

Senior Pension Consultant, ERPA, QKA, QPA

(805) 267-2922

Teresa Harper

Senior Pension Consultant

(805) 267-2930

Renee Machurski

Senior Pension Consultant

(805) 267-2556

Roxanne Ritter

Senior Pension Consultant, ERPA, QPA, APA

(805) 267-2916

Lori Sabbe

Senior Pension Consultant, CPC, APA

(805) 267-2568

Suzanne Thompson

Senior Pension Consultant, QPA, QKA

(805) 267-2928

Lupe Castillo

Pension Consultant

(805) 267-2926

Samantha Chau

Pension Consultant, QPA, QKA

(805) 267-2919

Brianne Galik

Pension Consultant

(805) 267-2939

Sarah Richardson

Pension Consultant

(805) 267-2933

Helen Saeteurn

Pension Consultant

(805) 267-2565

Sean Sesock

Pension Consultant

(805) 267-2929

Brian Carney


(805) 267-2561

Juliessa Castro


(805) 267-2940

Matthew Kono


(805) 267-2572

Alex Martinez


(805) 267-2945

Chris Waelde


(805) 267-2921

Loans and Distributions Department

Mindy Mueller

Loans and Distributions Supervisor, QKA

(805) 267-2912

Colin Nickels


(805) 267-2910

Accounting & Office Support

Mindy Mueller

Accounts Receivable Specialist, QKA

(805) 267-2912

Plan Documents

Janine Kolebuck

Director of Compliance & Documents, ERPA, QKA, APA

(805) 267-2936

Kaley Sahagun

Documents Assistant

(805) 267-2937