The sales cycle is the step-by-step process of Completing a deal. And After completing the deal, the final step is to ask for referrals and repeat the process for new leads.

The Ryding Company Sales Process

If you want to know about the Ryding Company entire sales process, See below 6 Stages of our Sales Cycle.
TRCO Sales Cycle

Initial Meeting

This is how the opportunity comes to TRCO, whether it is an actual established in-person meeting, conference call, email, etc. The goal is always for an in-person meeting with the Plan Sponsor, as it is the most impactful.

Consult Work

This is where we consult and complete whatever the takeaway and action items were from Step: We have provided the Prospect One-Page and Census template and generally have received it back at this step. We are now completing the work, following-up and scheduling the next meeting or steps to review.

LOE Signed and Returned

We received a go-ahead and we need to sign-up the Plan Sponsor. Generally, an LOE is brought to the follow-up meeting in Step 2 – optimism. The LOE is signed (two places) and returned via hard-copy or email. No wet signatures needed.

Administration Docs

Plan Documents Specialist is engaged and notified that the LOE is signed. Plan Documents (Plan Doc, Adoption Agreement, etc.) are starting to be collected if it is a takeover plan. Start-up plans will need to have everything created.

TRCO Plan Doc Completed

If a new plan, Plan Documents Specialist Checklist will have been completed and sent to the Plan Doc’s Dept. for the creation of the Plan Doc. If it’s a takeover and the Plan Doc is being re- stated, this will happen at this step as well.

Warm Hand-Off

Plan Documents Specialist will have been engaged during the process and will have been in regular contact with the Plan Sponsor and FA’s. Once the plan is established, a Welcome Call will be scheduled and the Senior Plan Consultant is introduced.